Interview Training That Gets You Job Offers

Successful Job Interview Training
One needs to approach job interviews with confidence and have the best answers to convince managers and recruiters to hire you. As a hiring manager of over 20 years, I know what managers want.

Together, you’ll:

  • Learn and leverage best practices in interviewing from an expert.
  • Learn how to be successful with video and artificial intelligence interviews — which is the new trend — and panel interviews.
  • Develop strong answers to difficult questions and how to turn a negative in your career history like a layoff or gap in employment into a positive.
  • Discover techniques that allow you to turn the interview into a dialogue where you can communicate why you are the best fit. A dialogue will also enable you to gain more insight into the opportunity and the manager, the challenges and any downsides.
  • Conduct a series of mock interviews in an hour session live using the job description and a list of the most difficult questions to improve every answer and build confidence.
  • Get feedback on brand image, eye contact, body language and articulation (use of uhs) and how to engage interviewers successfully in a very competitive market.
  • Learn how to get the feedback you need about your performance to correct any misconceptions that would eliminate you, and what the next steps are.