Nick Parham Client Success Stories & Reviews

The following are just a few of our many happy client comments. For more, please visit my Yelp listing and LinkedIn.

Well I’m going to start my review of Nick by saying a hearty THANK YOU!!  I came to Nick at the ripe age of 53 years old to get interview coaching for a new Government position. Considering nearly all of my previous working life I’d never really interviewed in a formal setting, you could say nerves and anxiety had the better of me. Most of my previous employment was gained through “climbing the ladder” so to speak or by word of mouth so sitting down to an organized professional interview was daunting to say the least. Nick helped focus my attention on the things that mattered and calm my nerves by keeping things simple on game day. His advice and approach got me through and I’m happy to say I got the job. Nick you’re the best!!!

Peter C.
San Francisco, CA

Nick is not only a wonderful coach, but an amazing human! He goes above and beyond and truly cares. I came to him at my most vulnerable time and he gently guided me in the right direction and gave me tools to succeed. His feedback and help was instrumental in landing my next gig. I was struggling to move past the in- person interviews until I met with him. He is very knowledgeable and pointed out many things I didn’t realize I was doing and gave constructive feedback. I can’t thank Nick enough. So glad I found him! Thank you!

Stephanie S.
Tempe, AZ

Nick is a wizard. I can’t thank him enough for his help in crafting my resume and guidance on the job hunt.

Alex T.
San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend Nick Parham for anyone who is writing or updating their resume, updating their LinkedIn presence, needs a strategy for conducting a job search, needs interview prep, or is looking for a fresh perspective on their career and how to move it forward.

I worked with Nick through 2 different job searches. Nick is very direct and straightforward, while also being kind and understanding. I always came away from our conversations feeling empowered, and with a clear strategy for how to move my job search and my career forward. He worked closely with me on the verbiage and updates to my resume to modernize the format and make it appealing to hiring managers. You might think you can easily get this information online, but there is nothing quite like having a professional Career Counselor to guide you and give you feedback based on many years of experience.

I have also recommended Nick’s services to many friends and family members. He does not disappoint.

Eileen C.
Saint Petersburg, FL

I reached out to Nick for interview coaching about a month ago. I was feeling low about my ability to interview at big companies like Amazon and Adobe, but after my first session I felt more confident about the skills I have to offer. This got me through the first round of phone interviews and I was invited to panel interviews at 3 different companies. My first on-site required that I prepare an hour long presentation on a topic outside my experience, I did the work and met with Nick prior to the interview to practice and get feedback. He gave me lots of tips that I followed and despite my nerves the interview was a great experience. He continues to be supportive with my questions and is eager to hear how I am doing and keeps me motivated.

A P.
Oakland, CA

I was at my wits end when I finally reached out to Nick. I was getting very few interviews even though I have tons of experience. Nick not only did my resume, which interviewers say is one of the best they have seen, he also did my LinkedIn profile. After getting interviews but not getting offers I went back to him for interview coaching. The next round of interviews I got an offer. Nick really showed me how to use my strenghts to really shine in an interview. Nick, thanks again for all the help.

Gary S.
San Carlos, CA

I think Nick Parham is terrific! I have had the pleasure of working with him over the last several years and the guidance he has provided has helped me feel confident and well prepared during interviews.

I have recommended his services to several colleagues who he has also helped.

Next on my list — making sure my LinkedIn page is updated and that my resume gets a fresh look and feel.

I recommend Nick’s services without reservation.

Alicia B.
Emeryville, CA

At my previous interviews, I know I have the skills, but I’m just-robbed-a-bank nervous.

Thanks to Nick I improved enough to get a position at a fortune 500 company.

Thank you nick!

Daisy V.
Seattle, WA

Nick is an extremely talented career coach. I decided to move to San Francisco and transition into sales from the East Coast. Nick helped me completely re-do my resume, and gave me suggestions for how to answer certain questions about my experience in an interview. I was able to land my dream job at a company that has a 1% acceptance rate. I can confidently say that I would not have gotten my foot in the door without Nick’s help. If you’re thinking about reaching out to Nick, just do it. You will not regret it!

Alexa M.
Brookline, MA

I rarely ever leave reviews (in fact this may be my first one!), but I had to because Nick was fantastic. You can tell he really cares about each of his clients, and goes over and beyond to make sure they succeed — even after the interview.

For me, Nick was very helpful in that he was able to take my specific job description, and show me how to take my background, and talk about the things I had done that were most important and relevant to the interviewer. Because of his experience, he knew a lot of specific questions about my industry (PR), and as a result, was able to do a mock interview, asking both the general interview questions but also those that were very specific to PR and the job.

Nick REALLY knows his stuff, and if you’re considering an interview coach, I would absolutely recommend going to him. The money spent was well worth the ROI with how much it improved my ability to interview — not only for the job I went to him for, but for all other interviews as well. Thank you Nick!!

Mary Caroline P.
San Francisco, CA

I rarely write reviews on Yelp, only for services (like moving house, etc.) that are really big and important and where I think I would appreciate seeing a perspective like my own for guidance and reassurance.

With that in mind, career development and finding a new job is one of the most important and anxiety-inducing activities one can undertake. I put off taking a serious look at my resume and career profile for a long time, waiting to find someone who would help focus and structure my ideas about my career.

A brief, free phone consult inspired confidence in me. Nick described his method in general terms and it sounded like just the kind of exercise I needed to help market myself better. Nick was outstanding throughout the process – it is very lengthy and detailed, and Nick knows how to draw the right stories and skills from your background to perfect your profile – and the new resume I ended up with is light years ahead of where I was. I feel very confident about my profile now and I have already had some increased activity on the career front.

In addition to restructuring my resume, Nick also optimized my LinkedIn profile. He is very experienced with LinkedIn and knows exactly what recruiters are looking for and what key words to hit.

If you are at a turning point in your career or just looking to improve your prospects, Nick is absolutely worth speaking with.

Max B.
Emeryville, CA

I’ve only written a few reviews on Yelp but Nick is stellar at what he does and I want to highly recommend him if you’re looking for a career/life coach. I shopped around and decided to go with Nick based on a gut feeling I had about him over the phone. I’m glad I went with my gut! Nick has been tremendous help to me.

I went through the “passion session” with him, he redid my resume and he also updated my LinkedIn profile. Nick’s experience and education has been evident during every step. I’ve started the application process and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the work he’s done for me. During a recent interview, I was told that my resume stood out and looked very professional.

Throughout the whole journey, Nick has been encouraging in an authentic way. He’s given me the right type of constructive criticism and I’m continuing to grow with his help. Putting yourself out there to look for a new job and/or switch careers can be daunting. If you’re looking for support from someone who truly knows what they’re doing, Nick is definitely who you’re looking for.

Sarah R.
San Francisco, CA

I met with Nick a few weeks ago in advance of a series of interviews at a major Silicon Valley corporation, with whom we were in acquisition talks. I’d had the good fortune of landing great positions over the last 12 years without having to go through any interview process. The downside was that I was seriously out of practice, and apprehensive about interviewing.

Nick’s deep industry experience and his supportive, friendly demeanor immediately put me at ease. He reviewed my LinkedIn profile and CV, asked lots of questions, and walked me through a series of questions and conversations where I was able to find my voice and my brand, helping me quickly tap my experience to answer any questions that might be asked during the interview. Needless to say, I killed it (no humble brag here) and am starting there early next year!

I don’t know what else to say: Nick is a true professional. He connects with you and helps you make sure that you connect with people professionally and personally when walking into any interview. I can’t recommend him enough!

David V.
North Beach/Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, CA

A truly fantastic experience working with Nick from start to finish! He is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but he is always accommodating and willing to help upon very short notice. I scheduled an hour-long interview training to help me prepare for two major interviews, and his guidance and advice was invaluable. It is evident when he is working with you that he has a vast understanding of the job landscape and everything that comes with it. Even past my first session with Nick, he continues to welcome further questions and follow-up. I am grateful to have found him as a resource, and highly recommend his services!

Amy W.
San Francisco, CA

Nick made a huge difference in my search. He was very knowledgeable, professional and focused; he helped me hone both my story and mold my resume into a form that helped tell that story more concisely and effectively; and he was able to work within both my time and budgetary constraints.

I started working with him intending to just do one session, and ended up doing several and expecting to work with him even beyond starting a new job – I’m enthusiastic to continue my work with him!

David S.
Oakland, CA

I recently worked with Nick to sharpen my interviewing skills in preparation for series of interviews i had scheduled. Nick is very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with. I never felt so confident during and after an interview. I nailed my interviews and was commented on how well I interviewed compared to other candidates.

I highly recommend Nick if you are looking for a career consultant or if you need help preparing for an interview. He is outstanding.


Julianne Y.
Burlingame, CA

Nick is a fabulous coach! I loved working with him and he definitely helped me through my interviewing process. He also gave me great tips about my resume and LinkedIn profile. I found Nick on Yelp and went for it and I’m so glad I did!

Kristen B.
San Francisco, CA

Nick has had a dramatic impact on my career.

I first started working with Nick as a mid-level manager. At that time, Nick helped me pull together “my” story. How can I position myself more effectively? What is my competitive differentiation in the market? How can I bring that differentiation to life in the form of a very powerful resume?

Years later, I continued to work with Nick at the executive level, this time looking at a broader set of questions. How can I use social media tools to promote my skill sets to a wider set of employers? What types of senior leadership positions are within my grasp that perhaps I haven’t considered yet? And most importantly, where do I want to be in five to 10 years?

Working with Nick, the answers to these questions become abundantly clear. He’s kind, direct, and thrives on helping people succeed.

Ross C.
San Francisco, CA

Nick made a difference in my journey. Understanding that no two journeys are the same Nick used a thoughtful combination of questioning, guidance, insight, industry perspective and kindness to help me answer difficult questions I could not answer myself. He availed himself in person and on the phone with short notice – which not only helped with the questions at hand but calmed me as well.

In many ways, he is like a great therapist – helping you see and understand what you already know with support in constructing the next steps to make change happen. Once I had a stronger understanding of “what” to do in a critical professional crossroad, Nick was able to help me see the options of “how” to go about the next steps. Nick helped me gain the clarity and confidence i needed, the laws of attraction took over from there.

I did not use Nick for resume or interview coaching – but rather for broader career and life coaching. And in that, Nick far exceeded my expectations – not only do I recommend Nick I wouldn’t hesitate to use his other services. I expected him to be knowledgeable and professional – but came to know him as kind, sincere, interested, wise and a bit witty. (a great combination!)

Kurt K.
Corona Heights, San Francisco, CA

Nick is an exceptional interview coach. I sought help preparing for a specific role and interview process. Nick was well-prepared for our meeting having reviewed the job description, company, and my resume, so we were able to dedicate the entire session to targeted interview practice – there was 0 wasted time. His coaching is direct, honest, and smart. He thinks systematically about what makes the best answer from the interviewers perspective, and helps you to get your responses there. He is thoughtful and very pleasant to work with. So far, his coaching has been well worth the $ – I nailed my first interview for this role and am preparing for round 2. He has my full recommendation. Thank you, Nick!

Sheila P.
San Francisco, CA

After completing grad school last year I was stuck trying to change careers and couldn’t find a job – heck, I couldn’t even get an interview. After reviewing my options, I realized that I needed help from a professional and found Nick through Yelp. We hit it off immediately and he helped turn a rather demoralizing situation into something really special – and successful! He listened to what I needed and helped me to refine what it was that I wanted in a job. Nick completely redid my resume, helped me with interview preparation, reworked my LinkedIn page, and coached me to think about job hunting (and how I present myself) in an entirely new way. All of our hard work paid off when I was offered a wonderful job after only a short time of working together. I am so glad that I found Nick and wholeheartedly recommend his services! I couldn’t not have been happier with the whole experience. Thanks Nick!!

Allyn H.
San Francisco, CA

Nick is the master at crafting the most effective, phone-call-getting resumes. He knows how to position you and your experience in such a smart way and has a unique gift for authentically projecting the best you. What Nick understands so well is what employers are looking for now and how to tap into those needs and get noticed. Standing out and getting your foot in the door is the challenge and there’s no one better to do that than Nick. He has helped me so much with his honest advice, compassion and amazing instinct.

Joan F.
San Francisco, CA

Nick has had a tremendous impact helping me hone and focus my career goals, and enabled me to think in a much more focused way about where I want to go and what I want to achieve. After having spoken to a few of career coaches over the phone, my initial conversation with Nick really clicked. I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct. Too often there’s a formulaic aspect to meeting and working with career coaches. However, Nick is different. He completely exceeded my expectations in every way. I felt the entire process was tailor made to me, with specific questions and discussions focused on my particular field and needs.

Matt M.
San Francisco, CA

I was lucky to get a last minute appointment with Nick for Interview Coaching before my two big interviews. The session was for two hours and we worked on mock interviews, brushing up my interview responses, questions to ask after the interview, tips on what to do and what not to do, and tweaking my resume.

I was able to land a job offer with Nick’s guidance. I wouldn’t be able to do it without his help. I believe it was money well spent for the Interview Coaching at Zitron Parham Career Counseling. I would definitely recommend Nick to my family and friends.

Jennifer L.
Walnut Creek, CA

I first meet Nick over a year and half ago.My career was in the doldrums when I first heard about Nick. I had been let go from the management consulting firm (My last six months there had been a horror show of bad projects/whisper campaigns/isolation.) I had been blindly applying to anything and everything for over 6 months. I had several interviews, but, only for positions that I was severely over-qualified. I was with a plan and was quickly running out of hope.

I was only able to pull out of my rudderless cycle when dear friends strongly recommended Nick’s services to me. At first, I was very dubious of what help he could offer. I was dubious because I did not understand how a “Career Coach” was going to assist me in getting a job. I had convinced myself that all I needed was a job and that this would be the cure-all for all my career ills.

Nick helped me understand is in this era of tight competition in the labor market that I needed to pro-actively, creatively and smartly market myself to employers. In essence, he helped me pull together “my” story. He taught me to position myself more effectively, how to more effectively spend my time searching for my ideal position, to learn what my competitive differentiation is in the marketplace, key aspects of self-promotion and how could bring that differentiation to life in the form of a very powerful resume and cover-letters.

As time has passed, I have landed in a role with the exact career mobility that I desire and I now have requested Nick’s assistance for other career aspects: salary negotiation and further career planning. It is my utmost intention to continue use Nick’s coaching services at regular intervals for the remaining course of my career.

Timothy D.
Cupertino, CA

Go see Nick. I had been interviewing at countless tech firms and was not getting past the first or second round. I went to Nick to gut-check my interview process and he really gave me some good advice on how to approach difficult questions and how to be more succinct with my answers. He also gave me valuable insight on the mind of a hiring manager and helped boost my confidence, letting me know that I was also doing a lot of things correctly.

I prepped with Nick, specifically for a particular interview. I got an offer and I also received an offer from another firm, which was even a better prospect. I really don’t think I would have been able to maneuver through these interviews without the advice and coaching I got from nick in one two-hour session. The money was totally well spent.

Amol S.
Walnut Creek, CA

Spending a hour with Nick to review your typical interview answers is well worth the cost. I had spent a month going to several interviews and not really getting past the second round. After I spent one hour with Nick I came out with a better understanding of what to say and what not to say. After seeing Nick on Friday I have had interviews on Monday and Wednesday that I did very well in. I wish I went to see him at the beginning of my job search and I probably wouldn’t have blown a couple of the interviews.

D. C.
San Francisco, CA

I’ve used Nick for career guidance. He’s very clear and has very helpful insights. He seems to really “know his craft”.

I’ve also heard second-hand from people who have had life-changing results due to his wisdom and understanding.

I recommend Nick to anyone who seeks clarity in their career path!

Damon K.
Sebastopol, CA

I came to Nick knowing that I needed a career change, but not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. Not only did Nick help me discover what type of work I actually desired, he helped me implement a (successful!) plan to achieve my goals. With that plan came an objective, non-emotional job search, a revamped resume, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile building, and more. My resume and LinkedIn profiles have never been stronger; without them, I don’t think I would have been able to secure my dream job. Actually, I know that without Nick, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. He gave me the confidence, skill set, and direction to do something that seemed unthinkable merely a year ago. Because of Nick, I was able to leave the job that was making me unhappy, change industries completely, successfully land a new role, and now excel in my position. I would (and do!) recommend Nick to anyone and everyone who is searching for more satisfaction in their career.

Audrey A.
San Francisco, CA

I met with Nick Parham at the suggestion of a friend who received help with job counseling and job placement. Nick’s straightforward approach is direct, professional and empowering. He has a keen eye for not only editing a resume but also for telling one’s story in a concise and energetic way. His feedback over several weeks helped me to focus my resume and skills into something I am confident sending out. I went in feeling insecure about my prospects and left with a new found enthusiasm for positions I hadn’t considered. Thanks Nick!

Jeffrey B.
San Francisco, CA

I have really enjoyed working with Nick on furthering my professional life. The first session was extremely interesting. He helped me recall all of the things that I loved when i was younger and also my strengths and weaknesses. This “passion” conversation encouraged me to try and match my skills with the things that I like doing. In the follow up meeting we were able to chat about the initial findings but Nick also gave me some great tips to help explore a few ideas I had thought of since our first conversation. I have greatly appreciated his guidance, industry knowledge and real world experience and examples!

Amanda H.
San Francisco, CA