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Career Coach Nick Parham – Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Career Counselor Nick Parham shares how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so hiring managers can find you. Listen to this KGO 810 AM radio interview to learn how your LinkedIn profile picture, content and more can make you more appealing to prospective employers.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Top Resume Mistakes

When writing their resume, most people only report what they did–not the results they achieved. This is one of several common resume mistakes, says Career Coach Nick Parham. Hear more and learn about top resume mistakes during this KGO 810 AM radio interview with Nick Parham below.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Summer Job Tips

Despite common misperceptions, career coach Nick Parham says that the summer months are in fact a good time to look for work. To hear Nick’s summer job tips, listen to his interview with KGO 810 AM radio below (originally aired on July 15th, 2013):

Top Three Resume Mistakes

What are the 3 most common resume mistakes job seekers make?

1. The kitchen sink syndrome. I see too many resumes in which the writer has tried to include practically everything they’ve ever done in their career. It lacks focus and doesn’t tell the hiring manager a compelling story about you.

2. No customization. A lot of people customize the cover letter but not the resume. Big mistake. Look at the job description. Pay attention to the keywords and experience the company is looking for, and make sure you customize your resume with that in mind.

3. Hiring a resume writer with no business experience. The typical resume writer is simply a writer. I’ve hired over 1,000 people in my business career. I know what hiring managers are looking for, and what will cause them to call you and ask for an interview.