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Career Coach Nick Parham – Beauty Bias in the Workplace

Although the year is 2014 and we have seen many advancements in the professional world, beauty bias in the workplace does still exist. High performance, honesty, integrity, authenticity, and collaboration are still top priorities that companies value in an individual, though in many cases, the way you appear can affect the way you are viewed as an employee. Listen to this KGO 810 AM radio interview for Nick Parham’s take on beauty bias in the workplace, to hear his advice on “dressing for success” and more.


Career Coach Nick Parham – Politics in the Workplace

With the current controversy in the media surrounding the forced step-down of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich due to his political engagement, many are left questioning the role of personal beliefs and politics in the workplace. In this KGO 810 AM radio, Career Coach Nick Parham discusses how important it is to most companies that their employees, and especially their leaders, act as a representation of the company brand, values and policies at all times. Listen for Parham’s insight on the best practices of politics in the workplace, and how such practices can play into your role as a company leader.


Career Coach Nick Parham – Job Churn

Looking to quit your current job to advance your career, but not sure where to start? Listen to Career Coach Nick Parham’s advice on how to handle job churn professionally and successfully in this KGO 810 AM radio interview.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Top Resume Mistakes

When writing their resume, most people only report what they did–not the results they achieved. This is one of several common resume mistakes, says Career Coach Nick Parham. Hear more and learn about top resume mistakes during this KGO 810 AM radio interview with Nick Parham below.

Layoff/Self-Esteem/Life Coaching/Relationships

Just had a great couple of sessions yesterday and today helping two individuals overcome obstacles in their lives. Man do I love my work helping people break through!

The first was suffering from huge self-esteem problems after a layoff, despite the fact he had a stellar life and work background.  Helped him connect emotionally to his values, accomplishments, skills and goals in life. Also touched the grieving process to notice its impact. Client came around to a fresh perspective about his capabilities/future and what he wanted. He committed to identifying and pursuing 25 companies that matched his values in the next two weeks.

The second person had been drifting through life without purpose, a meaningful relationship, fulfilling work or a nurturing environment. After the third session, he has ended an unhealthy relationship of 4 years, identified values that have helped him gain clarity on life purpose and identified the environment, activities and people who will provide a more nurturing life. Yeah for change!

(This was published with the authorization of the clients involved. Some details have been altered to ensure confidentiality.)

Entering Through the Back Door: Job Opportunities Do Exist

If you read the recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle, reporting survey results about hiring in Silicon Valley, you’d be pretty discouraged. Here’s the Chronicle’s headline: “Silicon Valley CEOs describe bleak job market.”

The survey, of 148 companies and performed by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, reported that 4 in 10 companies cut jobs last year. Nearly 42 percent of the companies said they’d cut jobs since January 2008, compared to an average of 12 percent for earlier.

Shall we file this one under “Gloom, Doom,” and buy into the despair? Not so fast. On the flip side, what this survey tells me is that 6 in 10 companies did not reduce their workforces last year. And if you’ve got 42 percent of companies cutting jobs since January 2008, that means 58 percent have not cut jobs.

More to the point: I’ve sat at the table with fellow business executives at 3Com Corporation and Cisco as we made decisions on cutting budgets and headcount. But usually, after the cuts were made, a funny thing would happen. Managers with “special projects” would ask for special consideration to fill one or more all-important new positions.

And so, in my experience, at the moment some employees are being escorted out the front door, new employees are entering quietly through the back door. You could be one of them.

Go for it.

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