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Career Coach Nick Parham – Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Many professionals aged fifty and older fall subject to age discrimination in their careers. When dealing with age discrimination, Parham suggests thinking outside of the box and reconnecting with what you are passionate about. Listen to this KGO 810 AM radio interview for tips on coping with age discrimination and how to use it to better your career.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Discrimination in the Workplace

Career coach Nick Parham offers guidance on how to handle discrimination in the workplace during this KGO 810 AM radio interview. Discrimination in the workplace can be demoralizing both while it’s happening and while it’s being addressed. Listen to Nick Parham’s advice on how to recognize discrimination, what steps to take to protect yourself and how to approach getting help.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Quitting a Bad Job to Look for a Better Job?

When professionals are unhappy in their job, should they quit and focus all of their time and energy in looking for a new one? Hear Career Coach Nick Parham’s take on quitting a bad job to have more time to search and network for a better job in this KGO 810 AM radio interview.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Top Job Interview Mistakes

Career Counselor Nick Parham explains the top job interview mistakes and how to correct them in this brief KGO 810 AM radio interview. Get his insight on ways to conduct yourself in a professional manner to make sure that the interviewer understands who you are and what you can bring to the company. Learn how to properly prepare for and end an interview, correct an interviewer’s mistake and more.

Career Coach Nick Parham – How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Career Coach Nick Parham gives advice on how to make your resume stand out from those of the hundreds, if not thousands, of other qualified applicants out there. One way to stand out is to embed keyword phrases and experience from the job description in your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Hear other resume tips from Nick Parham in this KGO 810 AM radio interview.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Tips for Older Job Seekers

Career Coach Nick Parham shares tips for older job seekers to make their job search easier in this tough market. Learn how to set yourself apart from the competition and stand out to hiring managers in this KGO 810 AM radio interview.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Career Counselor Nick Parham shares how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so hiring managers can find you. Listen to this KGO 810 AM radio interview to learn how your LinkedIn profile picture, content and more can make you more appealing to prospective employers.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Top Resume Mistakes

When writing their resume, most people only report what they did–not the results they achieved. This is one of several common resume mistakes, says Career Coach Nick Parham. Hear more and learn about top resume mistakes during this KGO 810 AM radio interview with Nick Parham below.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Top Resume Myths

Some say that a resume should only be one page. Myth or reality? Career Coach Nick Parham discusses the top resume myths in this KGO 810 AM radio interview.

Entering Through the Back Door: Job Opportunities Do Exist

If you read the recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle, reporting survey results about hiring in Silicon Valley, you’d be pretty discouraged. Here’s the Chronicle’s headline: “Silicon Valley CEOs describe bleak job market.”

The survey, of 148 companies and performed by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, reported that 4 in 10 companies cut jobs last year. Nearly 42 percent of the companies said they’d cut jobs since January 2008, compared to an average of 12 percent for earlier.

Shall we file this one under “Gloom, Doom,” and buy into the despair? Not so fast. On the flip side, what this survey tells me is that 6 in 10 companies did not reduce their workforces last year. And if you’ve got 42 percent of companies cutting jobs since January 2008, that means 58 percent have not cut jobs.

More to the point: I’ve sat at the table with fellow business executives at 3Com Corporation and Cisco as we made decisions on cutting budgets and headcount. But usually, after the cuts were made, a funny thing would happen. Managers with “special projects” would ask for special consideration to fill one or more all-important new positions.

And so, in my experience, at the moment some employees are being escorted out the front door, new employees are entering quietly through the back door. You could be one of them.

Go for it.

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