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Career Coach Nick Parham – Elevator Pitches

Career Coach Nick Parham discusses elevator pitches in this KGO 810 AM radio interview. Having a good and authentic elevator pitch can help differentiate yourself from the pack. Parham shares details such as what elements to have in your elevator pitch to properly communicate the value that you add and leave a lasting impression on others.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Discrimination in the WorkPlace Part II

In part II of this KGO 810 AM radio interview on discrimination in the workplace, career coach Nick Parham advises individuals on how to properly determine whether or not they are being harassed or discriminated against. Careful research, thorough documentation and professional behavior are suggested in handling a workplace discrimination case. Listen to Parham’s well-thought-out tips for this difficult situation below.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Staying Motivated in Your Career

Career Coach Nick Parham offers advice to executives, managers, mid-level, and entry-level professionals on staying fulfilled and motivated in their careers. In this KGO 810 AM radio interview, Parham shares tips on thinking outside of the box and using resources to develop better skills, access creative expression and make new contacts. Listen to find out how exposing yourself to new ways of looking at things can improve your motivation and overall fulfillment in your career.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Background Checks

In this KGO 810 AM radio interview, career coach Nick Parham shares what to expect companies to look for in background checks during the hiring process.  Learn how your character, history, the internet, and social media can play into a company’s decision on whether or not to hire you.

Career Coach Nick Parham – How to Target Companies for Jobs

Career counselor Nick Parham discusses how to effectively target companies for jobs in this KGO 810 AM radio interview. If you’re looking for the fastest way to find the job you want, look no further, as Nick Parham offers advice on how to be proactive in your job search and application process.

Career Coach Nick Parham – What to Do If There Is No Response to Your Resume

Career coach Nick Parham discusses what to do if there is no response to your resume on KGO 810 AM radio. Listen to his advice on how customizing your resume, being persistent and using LinkedIn can help get you past the mass of other qualified applicants and increase your chances of securing an interview.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Career Status

Career coach Nick Parham on how one’s perception of career status can influence their career path, focus and work-life balance. Parham shares how to make measuring your career status against others helpful, and not harmful, to your career and personal life in this KGO 810 AM radio interview. Listen for tips on how to measure your career status without it getting in the way of your values and relationships.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Having Parallel Careers

Career counselor Nick Parham discusses having parallel careers in this KGO 810 AM radio interview. Many people balance two or more careers at once for a multitude of reasons, such as having two sets of interests, needing the added income, gaining experience in alternative fields, transitioning between career paths, and more. Are you an individual that can have multiple careers? Listen to Nick Parham’s advice on having parallel careers below.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Common Mid-Career Mistakes

Career coach Nick Parham talks about common mid-career mistakes made by managers and executives, such as not taking the time to think about the next step in their career. Listen to Nick Parham’s advice on how to improve your skill set and add value to yourself as an executive or manager in the middle of your career  in this KGO 810 AM radio interview.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Career Planning for the New Year (Part II)

In part two of his KGO 810 AM radio interview about New Year career planning, career coach Nick Parham explains how to turn your values, interests and three-to-five-year plans into action. Learn how the input of others can be used to shape and strengthen your career path in 2014.