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Are you having a hard time getting companies to respond to your resume? You’re not alone.

Before the economic downturn, employers received an average of 600 resumes for each online job posting. These days, businesses receive about 2,000 resumes for each job.

And that’s not the whole story.

Many people today still rely on outdated templates that weren’t designed to get resumes past software filtering systems. These outdated resume formats don’t help hiring managers immediately see what sets you apart from the crowd.

Writing a successful resume is also extremely challenging for most people. It’s difficult to view your own skills and experience objectively. And there’s a tendency to put in way too much detail, which drowns out your differentiators.

Resume writing services from a certified career counselor, seasoned hiring manager, and marketing professional

Unlike many who offer resume writing services, I bring a variety of experience to my work with clients.

* Certified career counselor. I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), certified by the nation’s pre-eminent coaching school, the Coaches Training Institute. I’ve helped hundreds of clients identify their passions and advance their careers. Crafting a powerful resume and cover letter is a key part of the work I do with clients.

* Seasoned hiring manager. I have 20 years of experience as a hiring manager in small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and large corporations. I know what it’s like to be in their shoes. I’ve seen every type of resume imaginable. I know what works—and what doesn’t.

* Experienced marketing professional. I’ve led marketing teams at SMBs and corporations like Cisco. My marketing expertise helps me position you for the type of work you’re seeking. You are your own brand, and a well-written resume is an excellent way to market your brand.

My resume writing services get results

Using my experience, I’ve created a successful resume template that’s helped hundreds of clients land the positions they wanted. My resume template is customizable to your skills and experience and to the positions you’re seeking. It incorporates strategic keywords to get you past the software filters. And it makes it easy for hiring managers to immediately identify what sets you apart from the competition. The resumes I’ve developed help you effectively tell your story—not just list your skills and work history.

“The resume that Nick Parham developed for me sparked the interest of hiring managers and got great results. I had a call for an interview in less than 24 hours,” one client wrote on my CitySearch page.

Julie H. on Yelp wrote: “When I went to Nick, I was trying to tailor my resume for a new field, and needed help making an assortment of unrelated experience come together to support my career shift.”

I worked with Julie to develop her resume and cover letter. “When I went in for my interview they told me that they’d received over 500 applications in response to one ad and that my resume and cover letter really got their attention,” Julie wrote. “I got the job!”

Next step: give me a call

I can write your resume and cover letters for you. Or I can work with you to help you develop it on your own, providing feedback throughout the process.

You can take advantage of my resume writing services separately or as part of my career counseling and life coaching services.

How we work together is up to you.

Nick Parham works with business professionals across the U.S. and internationally, including managers, directors, vice presidents and senior executives. He has offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and offers in-person, telephone, Skype, and Google Hangout counseling sessions.  

Please send a brief, confidential email describing your situation and the services you believe you need to (insert @ instead of AT). Services may include career direction counseling, resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn optimization and interview training. Nick has helped many professionals in the middle of their careers reinvent themselves or find a career path based on their interests and passions.