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Career Counseling Client: Despite 500 Applications, “I Got the Job!”

5 Star Rating: Yelp
Julie H.
San Francisco
Jan. 6, 2010

I got the job!  When I went to Nick I was trying to tailor my resume for a new field, and needed help making an assortment of unrelated experience come together to support my career shift.  When I went in for my interview they told me that they’d received over 500 applications in response to ONE AD and that my resume and cover letter really got their attention to get me that initial interview.

One of the people who interviewed me had worked in her college’s career counseling center and told me how whenever she looks at resumes and cover letters now she (out of habit) corrects them and makes notes on how they could be improved.  She told me she would not have changed a thing on mine. I feel like after working with Nick my resume very clearly defines both my experience AND my personality, and because of it I’m now working with a company that’s a great fit in every way.

I know I’m gushing a little bit here, but after getting less than stellar responses to my old resume, it was really nice to get exactly what I was looking for.

Career Counseling Client: “Nick Helped Me Create a Great Resume and Stay Motivated”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Nick Parham helped me change careers
by ncman
May 12, 2007

My employer was downsizing. After 25 years working as a successful sales and marketing executive in the entertainment industry I was forced to find a new career. Nick and I investigated a number of opportunities and industries until I found the right fit. He helped me create a great resume, do networking, and create cover letters and search for jobs. He helped me stay motivated and on the right track.

I took a new career with the nation’s fourth largest financial services firm and I am now going for a promotion after little more than a year on the job. Nick’s helped me get there,

Nick understands the Bay Area job market and offers practical advice and a good process. He also provided sound advice to my daughter who was fresh out of college and looking for work. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Life Coaching Client: “Nick Helped Me Focus My Thinking, Really Explore My Passions, and Define an Entire New Direction to Pursue”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Outstanding career and life coach
by deannaq
June 23, 2006

Working with Nick Parham has been a transformative experience, both professionally and personally. He began as a mentor and insightful counselor, and ended up the greatest cheerleader I’ve ever had. I began coaching with Nick when I was ready for a change in my career. As a professional writer, I’d been in book publishing and the greeting card business but was feeling my creative energies stall. Nick helped me focus my thinking, really explore my passions, and define an entirely new direction to pursue. He even coached me through the difficult decision to move across the country, keeping me steady when I was spiraling.

Nick doesn’t do the work for you, but pushes you to do it yourself to take a truly honest look at your values, your dreams, your talents and what defines your quality of life and take the huge leap of faith to believe in yourself and your value to others. Just as promised, connections and opportunities literally started to drop into my lap the minute I got a clear picture of my goals. Nick’s coaching can be part therapy, part insider tips you’ll never get from an HR department, part hands-on resume and cover letter writing workshop. In the end, it all comes down to being an amazing opportunity to look in a mirror and see yourself in a way you may never have before. All this and a hot cup of tea, you can’t beat that!

Career Counseling Client: “I Can’t Say Enough About Nick’s Talents”

Understands Hiring Practices of Today’s F500 Firms for Executive Positions/ Citysearch
by rcprspecialist
February 20, 2009

The first hour I spent with Nick completely changed my perspective on what it takes to get hired at the executive level by today’s leading global firms. We discussed resumes, how global companies screen applicants at the executive level, positioning, and a host of other topics. I realized, through informative consultations with Nick, that in the last 10 years everything has changed in terms of what it takes to get noticed and to land in the pool of finalists for top rated positions. Nick is a firm believer in having skilled applicants take control of the job search process, not only in terms of how they apply for jobs, but where they apply.

He empowers you to research firms you would like to work for and then helps you make those aspirations a reality. I can’t say enough about his talents. I have recommended Nick to other senior executives and will continue to do so moving forward.

Career Counseling Client: Nick’s Resume Format Led to an Interview in Less than 24 Hours

Nick Parham helped me to develop a resume that got results/Citysearch
by Logistics Executive
May 04, 2008

The resume that Nick Parham developed for me sparked the interest of hiring managers and got great results. I had a call for an interview in less than 24 hours after I applied for my first job using the resume that Nick prepared for me. I also wanted a person that would be available to answer questions and coach me through challenging situations. Nick was always available to assist me and gave me a lot of valuable advice.

Nick is very talented and knowledgeable, and I was well prepared after meeting with him. He explains the services that he offers and let’s you decide on what you want. I highly recommend Nick Parham.

Business Consulting Client: Nick Helped “Me Expand My Marketing and Management Consulting Business”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Excellent job coach for management and marketing consultants
by marketingexec
November 26, 2006

Nick has been a terrific resource to me over the past 10 months. I engaged his services to help me expand my marketing and management consulting business. Our early discussions helped me focus on a clear description of the services and benefits I offer to my clients based on an analysis of my previous work. We developed a crisp one- page overview document that I turned over to a graphic designer – it has gotten great feedback from my clients. His support and availability on an ongoing basis has helped me through my search for interesting projects, through bidding and winning several, and ultimately now behind-the-scenes when needed, as I provide great value to my clients. He has been incredibly responsive via email and meetings as issues arise that I’d like feedback on. I would definitely recommend Nick to anyone who is looking for assistance thinking through their career plan and a great behind-the-scenes cheerleader.

Career Counseling Client: “I Quickly Lined Up a Series of Interviews, Which Turned into Two Very Exciting Job Offers”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Comprehensive and practical career services
by brendanhickey
August 22, 2007

Nick Parham was tremendously helpful when I was looking to get back into technology sales after 4 years in another industry. He guided me through a series of questions designed to uncover my most notable career achievements, my strengths and weaknesses, and the “soft skills” that employers need, but many resumes and job seekers neglect to mention. He recommends a skills-based resume format, which is a refreshing alternative to the old-school boring chronological timeline. Based on his coaching, I quickly lined up a series of interviews, which turned into two very exciting job offers.

Career Counseling Client: “I Overcame My Confusion About the Type of Work I Wanted”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Soup to nuts career coaching
by helenlans
March 31, 2007

I found Nick’s process very thorough and effective. With Nick’s help I overcame my confusion about the type of work I wanted, I identified companies for me to investigate, I set up the search process and started networking. I revised my resume using his template, which gave it more impact. We did some videotaped interview training to sharpen my skills. I’m now in the final rounds of interviews. Nick is professional, he’s kept me honest along the way. He’s a great coach!

Career Counseling Client: Nick “Helped Me Determine My Career Path…and I Got a GREAT Pay Increase, Too”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Overcoming office politics to succeed in the corporate environment
by williamsf
March 29, 2007

Originally I called Nick Parham because I was unhappy with my job and where I worked. He helped me determine my career path and find a place that allowed me to grow. I am now a department manager and I got a GREAT pay increase, too. Then, a year later, I was enjoying my job but I was getting caught in between my boss, a vice president, and another VP. The office politics made me very uncomfortable and distracted me from the work I like to do. I didn’t know how to get out of the situation. So I called Nick. He quickly arranged a phone conference for us. He understood right away my situation and helped me determine the direction that was best for me and the organization. Nick’s solution also removed me and my team from the disagreements so we could focus on our work. My VP thought it was a great solution. It was amazing to me what a 45 minute phone conversation with Nick helped me accomplish. I learned how to manage up and stay focused on what I do best.

Career Counseling Client: “I Was Promoted…With a 50% Salary Increase”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Nick Parham helped me change my career path
by businessexecsf
April 14, 2006

A colleague at work told me about his experience with Nick so I gave him a call. I had a phone conversation and then a free introductory session with him to check out the services and fit for my needs. Nick helped me get clarity about what was best for my next career move and then showed me how to get there. I was a senior manager in a Fortune 500 high tech company after years of hard work but felt stuck. Nick helped me see all the opportunities I had, then we narrowed them down to the 3 that best met my short and long term objectives. With his guidance, fresh ideas and motivational support I generated several exciting job offers. Not only did I choose a different career path, but also I was promoted to Director with a 50% salary increase.

Business Consulting Client: “Since Seeing Nick I Have…Nearly Doubled My Business”

Worth his weight in gold/Citysearch
by zcootah
April 11, 2006

I own a small service business. Since I’ve been seeing Nick I have raised my rates and nearly doubled my business. I’m more confident in asking for a price that I believe I deserve and I understand my clientele in a much different way than before. Actually, I see my entire business differently. He also helped me hire the right people and taught me how to ask and answer the correct questions during interviews.

In less than 6 months, I went from owning a business that I thought was strong and would probably succeed to one that has a good business model, is correctly focused on its optimal target population and one that brings more joy and wealth to my life. Thanks Nick

Career Counseling Client: Nick “Encourages You to Push Past Your Preconceived Boundaries”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Great coach helped me get more money
by jamboysf
March 30, 2006

When a high-tech company offered me a job, I was going to turn it down. I didn’t like the money. I didn’t think asking for more was an option with this particular job, and I was afraid to ask for it anyhow. Nick helped me gain the confidence to ask for what I wanted. When I did, my potential boss said she’d get back to me. A few days later, she said that after further consideration, I was “worth every penny.” So I got even more than I could have hoped for, I got a better understanding of my value in the marketplace, I’m happy with the job, and none of this would have happened without Nick’s help. Nick encourages you to push past your preconceived boundaries-which is what a good coach should do. He shows you how you can be even more successful than you thought you could be.

Career Counseling Story: The Process Helped “Me Understand How to Prepare Myself for a Job Search”

4 Star Rating: Recommended
Excellent career coach !/Citysearch
by SSFgal
January 27, 2009

My note is to thank you for your work with me. Your coaching and the process you used to highlight my skills and competencies were extremely valuable to me. It also helped me understand how to prepare myself for a job search and begin one. Your work paid off when I finally made the time commitment and had the resolve to leave my past employer.

Director of Finance at a software company

Career Counseling Story: Nick “Equipped Me With Skills for Job Hunting I Will Have for the Rest of My Life”

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended/Citysearch
Life changing career service!
by neros1399
December 11, 2008

Before meeting Nick, I was looking for a job for five months and got one phone interview, which did not lead to me, getting hired.

I was extremely discouraged and my confidence in myself was definitely waning. When I met Nick, he explained why my approach was not working. He brought out my best assets in my resume and taught me how to draft cover letters. He taught me a methodical manner of applying for jobs, hence improving my chances of getting hired. In addition, we practiced mock interviews so that I would be comfortable talking to my interviewers. He helped me understand the mistakes I made during the mock interviews and taught me how to overcome them.

When I resumed my job search after meeting Nick I was contacted for interviews and felt very comfortable throughout the entire process. After each interview Nick and I would discuss how it went and what I could have done to give the interviewer a better impression of me.

Within a short period of meeting Nick I found a job offer I was excited about and took it. Looking back, Nick helped me land a great job and equipped me with skills for job hunting I will have for the rest of my life.



Public Relations

Career Counseling Client: Nick Helped Take “Me in a New Direction Toward Green and Sustainability-Focused Businesses”

4 Star Rating: Recommended/Citysearch
Career counseling got me unstuck
by ScottWheeler
October 01, 2008

I needed a fresh perspective about my career and found Nick Parham through some friends at Cisco. I’ve been in technology for a while and my company is going through a re-org, definitely time for a change. I’m pretty good about networking and finding jobs, but I didn’t realize how stuck I’d become. He’s been great in helping me identify fulfilling new career ideas, taking me in a new direction toward green and sustainability-focused businesses. His resume style helped position me for my targets. His interview training really helped sharpen me. Easy to work with and Nick knows his way around the valley.

Life Coaching/Business Consulting Client: “Nick is One of My Wisest, Most Honest and Inspirational Mentors”

Rene Siegel/Linkedin
June 4, 2009

I have known Nick since 1989 and we have remained close business colleagues over the years. I own my own business and I’ve hired him for several consulting projects. Nick has coached me through an excruciatingly difficult business partner separation and helped me find/create a work/life balance that was seemingly impossible as a business owner and mother of three.

He has also provided coaching on an organizational management level, helping me with employee roles, responsibilities and accountability. He also performed a 360 Review on my team. Truly, Nick is one of my wisest, most honest and inspirational mentors. The value he has brought to my business, career and personal life cannot be measured in words. I am forever in his debt for helping me to see things I could not, and empowering me to live a brave and authentic life.

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Business Consulting Client: “Nick Understood What We Needed to Communicate and How to Communicate It. He Nailed It”

Sent directly to Zitron Parham Career and Life Coaching

We hired Nick to develop marketing materials for our company. He understood what we needed to communicate and how to communicate it. He nailed it.

FFelman, Vice President of Marketing, Zone Labs

Business Consulting Client: Nick Delivered “On Time and On Budget”

Sent Directly to Zitron Parham Career and Life Coaching

We needed a complete corporate identity system fast. He had it designed, written and produced: business overview document, business cards, etc, on time and on budget.

TS, Vice President Communications, Tenebril, Inc.

Career Counseling Client: Nick Has “Awesome Insights and Lots of Experience”


After several years in high tech, I felt burned out. Working with Nick gave me the tools I needed to position myself not just in high tech but in other career areas as well. He worked magic on my resume, we role-played to get my interview skills honed and he helped me develop a target list of companies to focus on. I’m now in a new career in the right position and I’ve never been happier. Nick has awesome insights and lots of experience… my only regret was not going to see him earlier. I highly recommend him!

— MaryH


Nick Parham works with business professionals across the U.S. and internationally, including managers, directors, vice presidents and senior executives. He has offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and offers in-person, telephone, Skype, and Google Hangout counseling sessions.  

Please send a brief, confidential email describing your situation and the services you believe you need to (insert @ instead of AT). Services may include career direction counseling, resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn optimization and interview training. Nick has helped many professionals in the middle of their careers reinvent themselves or find a career path based on their interests and passions.