The Benefits of a Life Coach

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You’re on a journey. But is it the journey you want?

That’s a simple question, but it’s not always easy to answer. A lot of things can stand between where you are now and where you want to go. That’s where I come in.

Working With a Life Coach

As a trained life coach, I can help you identify, create, and set off on the journey you need to achieve a more fulfilling life. Together we’ll co-create the change you need in a way that honors your agenda, not mine.

As your life coach, I’ll help you:

  • Identify and create a life path based on your short-term and long-term goals
  • Explore the pros and cons of decisions you need to make, in order to create positive change in your life
  • Help you break through your fears and achieve forward momentum
  • Make your relationships more meaningful and rewarding
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Develop the skills to solve everyday problems that get in your way
  • Pursue joy and contentment

Areas to Explore With a Life Coach

In our work together, there are many topics we can explore to help you get where you want to be:

  • Personal growth
  • Life passions
  • Relationships with partners, significant others, friends, and family
  • Money
  • Health
  • Fun and recreation
  • Physical environment
  • Career
  • Retirement

The Typical Life Coaching Process

The typical life coaching process begins with a discovery session, so I can get a better understanding of your opportunities and challenges. From there we’ll have one or more collaborative sessions to further identify your personal values, hopes, dreams and goals, and to explore specific ways to achieve a more rewarding life.

Life Coaching Success Story

“Working with Nick Parham has been a transformative experience, both professionally and personally. He began as a mentor and insightful counselor, and ended up as a friend and the greatest cheerleader I’ve ever had.
He even coached me through the difficult decision to move across the country, keeping me steady when I was spiraling.” — Deanna Q, creative writer and mother, New Jersey

Nick Parham works with business professionals across the U.S. and internationally, including managers, directors, vice presidents and senior executives. He has offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and offers in-person, telephone, Skype, and Google Hangout counseling sessions.  

Please send a brief, confidential email describing your situation and the services you believe you need to (insert @ instead of AT). Services may include career direction counseling, resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn optimization and interview training. Nick has helped many professionals in the middle of their careers reinvent themselves or find a career path based on their interests and passions.