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Career Coach Nick Parham – Coping with Layoff Part II

In part II of this KGO 810 AM radio interview about coping with layoff, Career coach Nick Parham offers advice on processing the layoff and moving forward. It is important to stay positive, balanced and to have a sense of humor to ready yourself for applying and interviewing for new positions. Listen for more tips on how to stay positive, becoming enriched, and using your layoff to better your career.

Career Coach Nick Parham – Coping with Layoff Part I

Career Coach Nick Parham offers guidance in coping with layoff in this KGO 810 AM radio interview. After a layoff or firing from your job, it is in your best interest to let yourself mourn your loss but also keep in the company of positive people and surroundings. It is also extremely important to take care of yourself emotionally and physically. Listen for more advice in coping to better prepare yourself for bouncing back and entering the job search with strength.

Layoff/Self-Esteem/Life Coaching/Relationships

Just had a great couple of sessions yesterday and today helping two individuals overcome obstacles in their lives. Man do I love my work helping people break through!

The first was suffering from huge self-esteem problems after a layoff, despite the fact he had a stellar life and work background.  Helped him connect emotionally to his values, accomplishments, skills and goals in life. Also touched the grieving process to notice its impact. Client came around to a fresh perspective about his capabilities/future and what he wanted. He committed to identifying and pursuing 25 companies that matched his values in the next two weeks.

The second person had been drifting through life without purpose, a meaningful relationship, fulfilling work or a nurturing environment. After the third session, he has ended an unhealthy relationship of 4 years, identified values that have helped him gain clarity on life purpose and identified the environment, activities and people who will provide a more nurturing life. Yeah for change!

(This was published with the authorization of the clients involved. Some details have been altered to ensure confidentiality.)